UDC 338.124:334.746.4

Maryam Elbahjaoui, Abdelaziz Elabjani, Rafael Ciloci

Abstract. The causes of failure of very small enterprises is a new field of research, especially in Morocco. Indeed, few studies have set out to study it, few studies have set themselves the objective of studying it. This article aims to explain the failure of newly created enterprises, focusing on small businesses. These constitute the absolute majority of the businesses that make up the Moroccan economic fabric. Similarly, studies have shown that the first five years, which corresponds to the start- up period, represent the duration beyond which the majority of the businesses created do not manage to survive. Our analysis has raised several conclusions that can help to better understand of this type of failure. The very small businesses disappear suddenly for several reasons, in particular the scarcity of its resources, which handicaps its survival and its durability, hence the need to describe each explanatory factor of failure which are divided into two groups: endogenous factors and exogenous factors.

Keywords: endogenous, exogenous, factor, failure, lack, overtrading, small businesses, success.

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