UDC 338.48:334.7(594)

Maulana Mukhlis, Devi Yulianti

Abstract. This research took place at Metro as one of the local governments in Lampung Province, Indonesia. There were some main visions of development in this region: education-based, family tourism, social economic-based, and participative development. We focused on the family tourism vision of the local government to create the region as the tourism site for families. Meanwhile, there were some facts that Metro, geographically was not a large region and not many nature destinations to attract the tourists. It could be meant that there was a gap between the visions of the local government to implement the second vision. We did field study to observe and interview the related parties and reviewed some literature on tourism concept, family tourism, trend in family tourism business, and the local government policy on tourism. The result of our study show that the measurement of the regional tourism index in Metro has never been carried out, the tourism affairs is no longer completely relied on tourism business actors, but must be developed by involving all stakeholders. To sustain the tourism vision in Metro local government, it is needed to carry out tourism promotions in their regions, learning and coordinate with central government and other regions for managing the opportunity implementation on artificial tourism potential for family tourism business.

Keywords: family tourism, local government, tourism concept, vison, tourism policy.

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